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We are fully prepared for the current situation and have gone one step further to adapt our technology to our method of Immersive Learning. 

Multichannel learning, immersion without barriers

Video Immersive Learning

What is Immersive Learning?

What is Immersive Learning

The expression ‘Immersive Learning’ comes from virtual reality, where the user is immersed in a different environment which is designed to stimulate their senses (mainly sight and hearing) and proposes an alternative reality.

In our methodology, immersive refers to how learning, regardless of the channel and format (face2face, hybrid or online), places the participants in situations which are very similar to those faced by companies and professional environments.

To achieve this, EADA uses different pedagogical methods: High Performance Simulator for Management, NeuroTrainingLab, role play, case studies, outdoor training and multichannel training.

Benefits of Immersive Learning

Benefits of Immersive Learning


It enables the participant to practice real world skills in a safe environment. The activities are supported with feedback and there is no impact on real clients or processes.


It helps to achieve mastery of a behaviour, technique or methodology as a result of guided practice which may be repeated as many times as needed.

Emotional Connection

The realistic and interactive native of this methodology generates an emotional connection between the students and the learning experience.


It provides individualised feedback as the students advance at their own pace and through the simulation.

Online Channels

The participants benefit from the advantages offered by the technology and the online channels which results in an experience equal to that of a face-to-face participant. The student is immersed in the classroom albeit virtually.

3 training channels:
Face2Face · Hybrid · Online


At EADA, we also apply Immersive Learning to our learning channels: Face2Face, Hybrid and Online, which all aim to facilitate learning in a practical way and simulate real situations faced by companies. For the hybrid and online models, the technology is used to immerse the participant in the classroom so that they have the same experience as a face-to-face participant.


Our training channels are:


Face2face learning

The participants attend the face-to-face classes and training activities of the programme, which are supported by digital and technological tools.

Hybrid learning

The hybrid learning model has a strong technological component and adapts to the circumstances of the day with both face-to-face and online participants at the same time.

Online learning

Training which has been specifically designed for virtual learning. The participants take part in remote and mainly on-demand learning.

Main features of each channel

Immersive Learning features


  • Face-to-face training: Barcelona City Centre Campus.
  • Outdoor Training: Collbató Training Centre.
  • Visits to companies, labs and entrepreneurial clusters. *
  • International trips. *
  • Visits to special events and fairs.
  • Face-to-face feedback with participants.
  • EADA Alumni community activities: workshops, conferences, etc


* According to programme


  • Face-to-face or remote training according to circumstances.
  • Face-to-face and remote participants at the same time.
  • The same experience for both groups of participants.
  • Implementation of new tech tools to make hybrid learning possible: cameras, collaborative microphone system, large format screens and integration with Zoom technology. *
  • The technology allows online participants to follow the training live. They can see, listen and participate in the class in the same way as a face-to-face participant.
  • Group dynamics and interaction between both face-to-face and remote participants.
  • Face-to-face and/or online feedback with participants.


* According to programme


  • Online training.
  • Programmes and material specifically designed for online learning: videos, cases,  group activities etc.
  • Mainly asynchronous sessions (on demand): a simultaneous connection is not required and the participants can connect at anytime from anywhere.
  • Participation in synchronous sessions: online classes in real time.
  • Activities and virtual group dynamic.
  • Online feedback with participants.
  • Integration with Zoom technology.
  • Complementary face-to-face training at Collbató Residential Training Campus. *


*  According to the programme and chosen format

Immersive Learning at EADA: Tech tools

Tech Tools Immersive Learning

EADA Business School uses tech and digital tools to guarantee training and a high-quality experience via all of its training channels:

  • Paperless.
  • Digital rights of case studies so that they can be studied online.
  • Class/online attendance register is digitalised and contactless.
  • High-capacity, reliable internet connection on all EADA Campuses. Excellent connectivity.
  • Interactive virtual campus which has recently been upgraded. Training APP, virtual campus access, follow-up data, networking with participants and the EADA Community.
  • Digital work tools: collaborative documents and presentations editing, online meeting tools, video chat and video conferencing, complete office solution, etc.

To facilitate the hybrid and online learning models, we have implemented new tools and technological functions in the EADA classrooms:*


  • 4 cameras with views of teacher (automated tracking), classroom and participants with auto-zoom, main PC and interactive whiteboard.
  • Participant can watch the 4 streamings live or on demand via Zoom. The participant chooses which one they want to watch.
  • Recorded sessions can be watched on demand.
  • Interactive whiteboards: online students will have a clear view of the contents of the whiteboard in augmented reality.
  • Recorded sessions can be watched on demand.
  • Interactive display which allows online participants to read the contents of the screen via Kaptivo technology and Zoom.
  • Large teacher support screen to view all online students.
  • High-quality collaborative microphone system which allows all participants to collaborate in the class.
  • Large, high-brightness screens.
  • Zoom integration which allows the professor to carry out interactive and group activities.



  • For the faculty team, the classrooms are equipped with 4K cameras, large screens, high-sensitivity microphones and speakers for synchronous and asynchronous sessions.
  • Digital tablets to give faculty extra teaching tools.
  • Integration of Zoom technology.
  • Multitouch interactive screen with digital pens.


*The tools and technological functions depend on the classroom and programme.



Immersive Learning methodology: Testimonials


I am really impressed with the quality of Immersive Learning at EADA. Every day there are challenges and discoveries. I look forward to attending each class.

Amira Zerrouki EADA Alumnus
Amira Zerrouki
International Master in Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Management

Taking part in EADA’s online programme has been an excellent experience. The professors have shown that they are well-prepared and enthusiastic. They have made us feel at ease with the methodology by making the online classes highly creative and fun.

Andrea López EADA Alumnus
Andrea López
International Master in Sustainable Business & Innovation

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