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Impact, value, business purpose

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 People with a Purpose 


“Today I have the chance to work for an organization where I can use my knowledge and energy to bridge the gap between research and creating a real impact for the patient. I try to do this with purpose everyday”

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Chiara Chianese
Development Scientist en Ferring Pharmaceuticals
International MBA


“My purpose is to continue facing challenges that become great opportunities to change the world. Being able to incorporate a positive vision of the future in the present. Keep doing little things that transform our reality”

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Leticia Andrades
Directora del Área de Personas at Asproseat Group
Executive MBA


“For me, if they really want to make it happen, they need to match their personal values with the business values and use that as an enabler to leave a footprint on society”

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Rafael Salgado Tourinho
Director Supply Chain Excellence at E.ON
International MBA


“If you have a purpose as a leader from a personal and professional point of view, you never switch it off. Honouring that purpose is when it really works and comes naturally”

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Peter Odemark
Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Gullpang Re:food
International MBA


“We have managed to build a business around advanced technology, which also respects the environment, making it a sustainable project from the beginning”

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Lucyanna Barbosa
Co-Founder & CEO at Bicosome
Global Executive MBA


“From a social perspective, there is a need to raise awareness of the need for inclusion and for diversity to be one of the values of the company so that everyone forms part of its talent base”

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Rodrigo De Oliveira
Chief of Staff Global Customer Operations at AXA Partners
Executive MBA


“We must always be aware of the social problems that exist and when we come up with a possible solution, we should try and implement it”

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Mª José Pujol
Fundadora y Directora General de Icaria Iniciatives Socials
International MBA


“I wanted to do something different so I changed career paths so I could contribute to change and a fairer society. Today, technology enables us to reduce the inequality gap that exists in the world”

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Stephanie Hoyle
Venture CEO Farmauna
International MBA


Documento sin título

“My purpose in life is to be one of the people who supports female entrepreneurs in Africa so that Africa is not left behind in the digital transformation and the technological change that is happening. I think women can be the drivers of that digital change in Africa”

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Salmine Sassi
Co-Founder of She Starts Africa and Strategy & Innovation Consultant
International Master in Management


“One of the purposes of Col·lectiu Cultura, which is the entrepreneurial project that I amb developing in rural areas, is to break down borders between the sector and society, in order to bring it closer. By doing this, we will achieve social transformation and a change of system and communication”

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Xènia Gaya
Founder and CEO of Col·lectiu Cultura & Innovation 

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Tell us about your purpose and we’ll let you know how EADA can help you achieve it

Tell us about your purpose and we’ll let you know how EADA can help you achieve it



 Impact, value, purpose 


At EADA, we are firmly committed to a business world that creates value and looks after the wellbeing of its stakeholders and society.


Our purpose is to train and support managers and future business leaders, from their entry into the labour market until they achieve professional growth and maturity, towards a sustainable and responsible leadership, which in addition to enhancing their professional competencies and abilities, bases their values and practices on human sustainability, society, the environment, the economy, ethics and equal opportunities.

We strongly believe in the multiplier effect and the impact that current and future business leaders can create in society through this type of leadership, in both existing profit-driven companies and future purpose-driven organisations.

What are purpose-driven companies and organisations?

Organizaciones-proposito-medioambientalPurpose-driven companies and organisations follow a strategy which goes beyond owner and shareholder profits and looks after the wellbeing and development of other relevant stakeholder groups such as the community it operates in, its employees and the environment.

A company's purpose states the values the business is seeking to create and for whom, offering its employees, stakeholders and shareholders a clearer definition of its objectives and expectations.

Individual and collective purpose

Landing Purpose - Imagen ODS (3)For a purpose to be properly developed, all of the stakeholder groups must be involved. At EADA, we use our own model of Sustainable Leadership which builds a purpose based on work by the individual to improve the alignment between the individual purpose and the company's strategy.

This model enables people to learn about and better understand themselves, identifying the purpose that most represents them, and from there move towards new styles and ways of relating to stakeholder groups to achieve their purpose.

Manifesto to legally recognize purpose-driven companies

Logo-BCorp-1According to the Manifesto to legally acknowledge purpose-driven companies, recently presented by Fundación B Lab Spain, one of the driving forces behind the #BCorp movement in Spain, there is an urgent need to create a legal entity, "Sociedades de Beneficio e Interés Común (SBIC)" (Companies for Common Benefit and Interest), which officially recognizes the companies that achieve the highest standards in terms of society, environment, transparency and good corporate governance.

As its founders explain, "there is a need to promote a new business model, which already exists in other countries, whereby private resources are used to create a positive impact in society to guarantee transparency and good governance as well as compliance with sustainability standards."

Currently more than 50 organisations, including EADA, have signed the manifesto created by the global BCorp organisation for a law to promote purpose-driven companies. Click here for more information >>


 Towards sustainable leadership 


Preparing our business leaders through sustainable and responsible leadership.

EADA's business road map over the next few years is focused on enhancing our mission towards a more sustainable and responsible leadership, thereby reaffirming our commitment to promoting new leadership among our participants (individuals), our Alumni (community), corporations and companies (collectives) and whose values and practices are based on human sustainability, society, the environment, the economy, ethics and equal opportunities.

At EADA, we understand this idea of new leadership as an evolution in the demands of society on the business world which leads to a change in the way that people and organisations operate to become leader in their sector and maintain their position. Generating economic growth is no longer enough; social responsibility, ethical conduct and leadership practices are also key.

Our work as a business school involves preparing professionals and organisations to achieve the highest social, economic or environmental standards, and guarantee that they understand, get involved and promote this environment, enabling them to meet their obligations with all the different stakeholders. Leadership which combines social, environmental as well as economic responsibility.




“We are immersed in an irreversible paradigm shift in which companies, organisations and their representatives must become aware of their professional responsibility to establish a set of sustainable and responsible strategies and practices. Leaders capable of joining the change for the common good"

Jordi Díaz, Dean of EADA Business School




Axes for a sustainable leadership 

The sustainable leadership model at EADA is based on 8 axes, 4 related to people and 4 to impact:

  • Cognitive complexity: Which concepts, models and theories can we apply to make sense of a world which seems fragile, nonlinear and often incomprehensible?
  • Develop relationships: What is our capacity to build connections, complicity, collaborations and partnerships with stakeholder groups?
  • Mobilise diversity: understanding the complexity of opportunities requires the coordination of different perspectives and interests and mobilising them to achieve the purpose.
  • Manage complexity: Discovering the link between cause and effect in the new millennium requires reimagining and understanding the world from a new perspective.
  • Generate transparency: In all projects the ability to create solutions and approaches that decode complexity and facilitate engagement is a critical asset.
  • Create value through innovation and sustainability: the solutions to social needs require the inclusion of these dimensions.
  • Create better jobs with more motivated employees.
  • Governance and responsible management: Respond to the needs of the different stakeholder groups through responsibility and transparency.

Our history based on three main axes:


  • Founded in 1957 by a group of entrepreneurs and professionals as an ideologically and economically independent institution. Discover EADA's history >>
  • Over the last 60 years, we have helped over 120,000 people with their professional growth and have been internationally recognized by prestigious world rankings. More information >>
  • Our mission is to continue to boost the development and growth of professionals as well as the transformation of organisations with the aim of contributing to a fairer, more solidarity-based and sustainable society. Read more about our mission >>
  • Learning and specialised programmes are based on these three axes: innovation, sustainability and leadership.

*Image Campus EADA Barcelona (C/ Aragó, 204) completely remodelled and inaugurated in September 2019.
Building in which sustainability and energy savings are key features, in addition to its unique and distinctive architecture.


We create impact, we advocate transparency and we work in partnership 

We strongly believe that our mission must generate impact based on 8 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


SDG 4: Quality Education

SDG 5:
Gender Equality

SDG 8:
Decent Work and Economic Growth

SDG 9:
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

SDG 10:
Reduced Inequality

SDG 11:
Sustainable Cities and Communities

SDG 12:
Responsible Consumption and Production

SDG 17:
Partnerships to achieve the Goal

We promote responsible education for managers

ManagementEADA promotes in all training programmes the adoption of the six Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), which was an initiative promoted in 2007 by several business schools, with the support of the United Nations. We also incorporate and disseminate the 10 principles of the Pacto Mundial Red Española.



EADA is present in the rankings and volunteers to be assessed by new ratings and rankings that analyse our impact as a business school FOR the world and the quality of our training IN the world


POSITIVE IMPACT RATING: EADA is recognised as one of the most transformative business schools in the world, ranked level 4 (out of 5) in the third edition of the Positive Impact Rating (2022), which evaluates academic institutions according to their positive impact on the world and society. More information >>

BETTER WORLD RANKING MBA: EADA Business School was ranked among the 40 top business schools in the world at number 34, as a result of integrating sustainable development into its MBA programmes, faculty research on sustainability issues and the gender and ethnical diversity of its faculty. More information >>


Financial Times - logo

The economist - logo

OTHER ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: The most prestigious international rankings have recognized EADA Business School programmes:

  • #25 Best Business School in Europe in the European Business School Ranking by the Financial Times, 2021.
  • #25 best Business School in the world in Open Executive Education Programmes by the Financial Times, 2022. Ranked #33 in the combined ranking (Open Programmes and Custom Programmes).
  • #20 MBA in Europe and #62 in the world by The Economist.

Find out more about EADA's Rankings and Ratings >>

We work in partnership because we believe in collective strength

In 2021, EADA has worked in partnership along its three main axes with worldwide and/or local organisations that create impact through their purpose. We have also published reports and studies of collective interest. These include:


Social entrepreneurship in the classroom: Through an agreement with Fundación Ashoka Spain, we promote social innovation to solve challenges with changemakers who inspire others and change the world.  More information >>


Environmental focus in the classroom: Collaboration initiatives with the Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF) unite research, dissemination and training in the classroom.


ISDIEDP-1 logo-skema

Innovation as a transversal axis: our agreement with École des Ponts Paris Business School for the Global Executive MBA, which is a programme designed specifically for innovative and technological leaders. Our agreement with ISDI for programmes which combine digitalisation and leadership are led by top specialists: Master in Fintech and Business Analytics, and Master in Digital Business. Agreement with SKEMA Business School, a prestigious and ranked business school in France, for the development of the EADA-SKEMA Global BBA, the most global Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration.


We promote the development of Barcelona towards a more sustainable, inclusive city with a positive social impact. We are strategic partners of the Barcelona+B initiative, driven by B Lab.

The quest for knowledge through Reports and Studies
are largely carried out in partnership and include a social scope. View our reports>>

We support talent and access for professionals and future managers to high quality business training

Landing Purpose - Imagenes cuadradas 200x200Fundación EADA offers a package of scholarships via The EADA Fund for Positive impact, which raises funds for various projects with a clear objective: to boost talent and create more training opportunities, thereby facilitating labour market access to those who most need it.

Collaborate and help us to promote talent >>


 Help other professionals to realize their purpose 


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Collaboration Programme

Discover and participate in our collaboration programme, The EADA Fund for Positive Impact, which provides talent access to training.

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